Great Valley High School Scholarship

The ideal recipient will be involved in various community activities and service projects

Scholarship Info

The Elizabeth Ciunci Foundation will award a $3,000.00 scholarship to two (2) members of the senior class who best meet the following criteria as established by the Board of Directors of the Foundation.  

Each candidate for this scholarship should possess the following:

  1. A desire to pursue either a major or minor in elementary education or special education in college;
  2. A minimum high school GPA of 3.0;
  3. Two (2) letters of recommendation, one of which must be from a teacher; and
  4. A completed essay demonstrating why they should be awarded the scholarship

The ideal recipient will be involved in various community activities and service projects, including the Annual Butterfly Run held at Great Valley High School each year.  

The scholarship will be distributed after the recipient completes their first semester of college.  It should be noted that the awarding of the scholarship is contingent upon the recipient providing proof of the required college major/minor.  The ideal candidate will also be able to provide documentation that he/she has obtained a GPA of 3.00 during the first semester of college.

    As it is important to the Foundation that we continue Elizabeth’s legacy, the scholarship winner is expected to appear at the annual Butterfly Run.  In the alternative, the winner will be asked to provide an update to the Board highlighting how Elizabeth’s scholarship has impacted them.

Scholarship Winners

2002 – Lisa Hardy
2003 – Rachel Glick
2004 – Samantha Ford
2005 – Katie Plantier & Kailey Pelton  
2006 – Jennifer Jackson & Alicia Marziani
2007 – Allison Bartle & Sarina Roberts
2008 – Kirsten Levinson & Elizabeth Stauffer
2009 – Nicole Gatta & Laura Hashem
2010 – Billy Gaffney & Brynn Kilgore
2011 – Lauren Drill & Erikka Gatta
2012 – Stephen Babb & Kathryn Lasater
2013 – Hillary Jenney & Stephanie McGurl & Kathryn Muehleisen
2014 – Kevin Burk & John Dodson
2015 – Lauren Hall & Laurel Wilson
2016 – Maxwell Behler
2017 – no applicants
2018 – Laura Campbell